Alleyne Sisters

    Kristina and Sadé Alleyne both from London, formally trained as athlete’s for Enfield and Haringey Athletic Club. Sadé’s events was 100m/ 200m/ 100m relay and Long Jump. Sports Personality Of The Year- 2001/ 2002, award by Bishop Stopford’s School Enfield. Kristina’s events was 200m/ 400m/ 100m relay/ 400m relay and Triple Jump.

    Kristina and Sadé’s first dance experience started through Hip Hop where they joined companies such as Boy Blue Entertainment and international company Dance2Xcess. The Sisters trained at the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology (BRITS) 2003-05 and Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) based in Leeds 2005-08. They both joined Akram Khan Company in 2012 for ‘iTOMi’ and Kaash production; Sadé also performed in ‘Vertical Road’. The Sisters performed with the Company at the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

    Kristina and Sadé joined forces in 2014 which was the launch of Alleyne Dance, an international dance company striving for high quality and excellence as they deliver their two main objectives; performance and education work. They’re aesthetic reflects their diverse background of athleticism and dance training. AD blends Afro- Caribbean, Hip Hop, Kathak and Circus Skills within a contemporary dance context. Their movement is fast paced and dynamic with infusions of lyrical and fluid motion, with a focus on rhythms and textures.

    Alleyne Dance education work has been delivered in a range of settings around the world including training institutions, youth groups, professional companies and dancers and is designed to support the individual creative mind, passion, determination, strength and most importantly, their intention and belief in themselves.

    In Alleyne Dance practice they study how physicality can create an emotion or a character. Alleyne Dance have performed in over 10 countries, their audiences varies from different ages, with them feeling emotionally touched, charged and inspired.


    alleyne sisters workout
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    If you want to improve in any physical activity, whether its for pleasure, well-being or for your
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    Short Intense Workout made of 10 exercises we have practiced for over 10years.


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    “We want to be that Sister for all individuals who are interested to train the body and mind. To give time to yourself each day. Share the same enjoyment for training and movement. Coming from athletics and physically adapting our body for dance, we knew we had to commit to training, do the research and work hard. That journey is what we share with others: what seems impossible is possible. This is our precious Workout we are delighted to share with you. It’s Yours Now!”


    Listen to the stories of many.
    We have touched over 5000 individuals from 15+ countries around the world.

    thank you sade & kristina
    I feel so much stronger

    Their background in athletics has turned the identical twins into powerhouse dancers, with all that fast-twitch, straight-out-of-the-blocks combustion that sprinters have.

    It was physically with a lot
    of  positive energy and fun

    Half way through I thought…how am I gonna get home? Who is gonna carry me? And as I tried to sit the next bit out, the force of these two pulled me back in! Thank you Ladies, highly recommend!

    this will change you life
    it brought me back to my best

    Amazing being able to learn from these two true artists…joy, passion, determination, peace, laughter, humility, truth, happy exhaustion… is all in one with them. Totally loved it!

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    Anyone and everyone is welcome for the challenge.

    This workout is set for Fitness Enthusiast; movers who are serious about looking after the body, mind and soul. Dancers can use this Workout to master their technique. Athletes can use this Workout to master their mobility and structure. Fitness Enthusiast can use this to learn a new skill whilst training their body.

    From popular demand we have finally decided to share with you our personal training ritual. Our movements are explosive, powerful, fast, fluid, graceful and lyrical. This workout has helped us for over 10 years, keeping us strong in the body and positive in the mind.

    A balance of strength and flexibility. Hard work, determination and patience.

    From our experience of competing as an Athlete and then changing to refocus our minds and physique to become dancers, we have found a structure.

    The key is consistency. To have a practice that you can fit into your daily routine and repeat most days of the week. Regular Workouts will maintain a strong but supple physique.

    Regular Exercise can give you the needed energy boost to help get you through your day or evening. For long lasting results you need regular strength training, cardiovascular workouts and lengthening movements that will target each muscle group in different ways.

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